June, July and August 2017

Dear prayer partners

Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus! We thank God for your kindness as you pray for us and support us faithfully. We know we couldn´t do all we are doing if it wasn´t for God´s grace and the help of you dear friends.

Missionary and Pastor David Saint preaching.

Some time ago the Lord gave me a message: “What makes God happy?” based on Matt. 23.23; Micah 6.8; Jer.9.24 and other Scriptures:

1. We make God happy by being persons of faith: Matt.8.10; Heb.11.6;
2. By practicing justice in our everyday lives: Matt.6.33
3. By loving others with His love: our family, relatives, other Christians, neighbors. Matt.22.37;
4. By practicing humility on a regular basis
5. By asking God for wisdom for our daily decisions, 1 Kgs.3.5
6. By praying on a daily basis: Mk.11.17; Prov.15.8
7. By being obedient to His moral commandments and his directions for our lives, I Sam.15.22
8. By trusting only in Jesus Christ and His work on the Cross for our salvation, not in our “good works” Eph.2.8-9
9. By practicing gratitude often for all His blessings, Lk.17.15-18
10. By serving our fellowmen and other Christians with our secular and spiritual gifts and talents, I Cor.10.31


It is exciting to see what God does by His grace. We are happy to report what´s going on in our church “Renewal”: We have installed a radio station that operates thru Internet as of July 1, and shares with listeners the meetings, sermons, Bible studies, and news; we have been able to enlarge our present auditorium to accommodate about 60 more people, and purchased 100 more chairs; while visiting another church I ran into a lady, R.D, who was delivered from demons thru my wife about 1985; it was wonderful to see her happy and strong in the Lord today. Jeremias, 22, prayed for a man with serious problems with his kidneys and pancreas, and God healed him!

23 Anniversary of the Renewal Church

Our church each month adopts a main basic Christian theme in order to study it with the Word in our meetings and discipleship groups: in June it was Meekness; in July it was Worship, and in August it was Wisdom; it is encouraging to hear the testimonies of positive changes happening in our members. Nora Conci, 65, testified that she had an open sore on her foot for several days, prayed to the Lord and was healed. While preaching in another church, a pastor testified that his wife Roxana due to an operation had the tubes that connect her ovaries with her uterus removed, but some time later she got pregnant anyway and gave birth to a healthy baby boy! While visiting pastor friends, the Arraigada´s they testified that they got converted years ago when God healed their first child, Daniela, of asthma when she was still a baby. Praise the Lord!

Several newcomers have attended our church for which we are grateful: Cesar, 40, Priscila, 9; Mirta, 55; Patricia, 45, her husband Ruben, 48, and their four children; Silvana, 40; Johanna, 35, and her three children; Maria Celia, 70 (ages are approximate). Angelica, 43, whose daughter got involved with the occult, was delivered from demons thru the ministry of pastors Marcelo and Claudia; three young men of our church, Nathaniel, Emmanuel and Leonardo travelled to Mercedes, San Luis to minister in a conference on Inner Healing.


During these months I (pastor David) have been privileged to share the Word in our church, and in others as well: On the topic of “Meekness”: at Belen church June 6; Puerta Norte church, June 22; Renewal, June 25; Mensaje de Paz church, June 25; Rev. Figueroa´s church, July 2; Colonia Tirolesa, July 9; Colonia Lola, July 11; on the topic of “Orientations for a Christian marriage”: Barrio 4 de Junio, June 9; Colonia Tirolesa Aug.26; Colinas del Cerro, Aug.30; The Holy Spirit in Acts, at Corral de Palos July 2; What makes God happy? Renewal, July 12; The call to ministry, Renewal, July 23; “God guides Joshua”: Renewal , July 23; Vida Nueva church, Aug.5; Hebrón, Aug.20; “Word of wisdom” at Renewal, Aug. 9, and Belen church, Aug.27; “Chastity and Fidelity”, at William Morris high school, Aug. 16, and Puerta Norte, Aug.17; and “God gives us wisdom”, Renewal, Aug.20. What a joy to share these marvelous truths from God´s Word to encourage God´s people.

As I prayed recently, the Lord brought to my memory that over the years, by His grace, our ministry has spawned nine other satellite churches, all started on their own initiative by members of our church or by people restored thru this ministry. We do not supervise them, but we do maintain a warm friendly relationship; we give God all the glory for only He can do these things.


This is an excellent opportunity to say hi and to thank each one of you that keep us in your prayers. We really apreciate and need it!

These last months have been pretty challenging for us as a family. In recent years a strong desire has been growing in us to start a church, and the Lord has guided us in different areas of our lives. In May, Pastor Boris Masalyka proposed that we take charge of one of the annexes of his church, whose pastors were thinking of leaving the pastorate. In prayer we understood that this initiative came from God and we accepted. So since August 6 we have begun to pastor the Christian Family Center Church. (See the Fanpage)

Pr. Masalyka praying for Billy and Inés as new pastors of Centro Familiar Cristiano church.

Inés and I were invited to minister in a church workers retreat of Getsemaní Church, June 10-11. We held a Youth Leaders retreat in the province of San Juan, June 24 (400 miles from home). A Bible Institute of Tucumán invited me to teach the book of "Acts", which is one of my favourite books, July 7-9 (400 miles from home). Pr. Victoriano Villanueva invited me to minister in a Chuch Retreat in Santiago del Estero (300 miles from home), July 21-23. Inés was invited to preach to the youth of Centro Cristiano Carlos Paz, Aug 19th. We held a youth leaders retreat in the province of La Rioja (350 miles from home), Aug 26-27.

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Billy preaching in Santiago del Estero. Inés preaching to the youth in Carlos Paz.

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Thank you so much for your valuable prayers and support!

Your friends and partners in Argentina, David, Billy, Inés, Johann Saint.

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The autobiography of Pastor David Saint
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