December 2017, January and February 2018

Dear prayer partners
: greetings in Jesus´ name! We are so grateful for all of you who help us so much to advance the Kingdom of the Lord here in Argentina. We are able to devote a lot of time and energy for Jesus thanks to your valuable contributions

Missionary and Pastor David Saint preaching at Hebron Church

In recent times I have been sharing a new message in different churches as well as in mine: “Teachings of St.Paul from prison” Phillipians chapter 4:
1. Pray about everything, worry about nothing, verses 6-7;
2. Discipline your mind to always think about things that are true,honourable, just..praiseworthy, edifying, etc., verses 8-10;
3. With God´s help learn to adapt to all kinds of circumstances ,verses 10-13;
4. Give to missions regularly to ensure God´s constant provision, verses 18-19.


We have good things to report, praise the Lord. Maricel, 42 a school teacher and mother of 4, has testified that on many occasions God has multiplied the propane gas for her family car; Gladys, 60, a certified nurse, testified that God healed a 20 old girl of thrombosis in her lungs; Graciela, 60, testified that God healed her neck (cervical); pastor Marcelo of our church testified that at a men´s rally, after laying hands on insufficient funds, God multiplied the money 33% and it was enough to pay all of the meetings´ expenses; Margarita, 63, testified that God healed/removed a wart on her nose; Jorge Camacho, 58, a former member of our church testified that God healed him of cancer of the prostate; his wife Griselda, 56, testified how God healed her of diabetes type 2; Andrea,40, testified that God healed, removed a lump on the breast of her mother.

Our youth group held a wonderful retreat Feb.23-25 at a place called Campos Blancos (White fields) and the theme was “Being genuine”. Last Sunday we baptized 4 teenage girls, and there was much rejoicing. We are happy to see that almost in every service there are newcomers who attend, and we have people who contact them immediately for follow up.

Baptism and Graduation at Renewal Church

I was visiting a church in January, and a man, 65, told me that 3 of his grandchildren got sick due to eating spoiled sandwiches; he laid hands on them and God healed them; Gladys, 60, testified that years ago she and her husband lost a car due to an illegal deal; recently that same man who deceived them sold them 2 vehicles at a very convenient price; at a recent meeting I attended, a man about 50 testified that in a meeting one week before God had healed him of deafness. Praise the Lord!

Last December 11 people graduated from the first level of our local Bible institute called IETE; 16 others graduated from the second level of the same school . Our church has published a Devotional book for 2018, with 120 meditations for the first 4 months written by 32 authors of our flock PTL!; I was privileged to write the introduction and also 4 devotionals of this book. Pastor Marcelo told me recently that there are about 230 members or regular attenders of our church, and about 190 are being taught the Word or “discipled” twice a month in small groups.


Hello! It's Billy Saint writing now. Life is never boring when we serve the Lord as a family. We thank the Lord for keeping Inés, Johann and I always united, healthy and strong, despite so much work. The joy of the Lord is our strength! Summer passed quickly between family, church and youth ministry...

Last week Ines and I celebrated 16 years of marriage and are grateful to God for his faithfulness, guidance and consolation. They have been challenging years, but at the same time of continuous growth.

Youth Ministry: January 3-4 I was ministering in a youth camp of Pr. Salvai. January 8-14, we were invited as a family to minister worship at Lake Valley Conference Center, founded by my grandfather Phil Saint. January 22-23 Inés, Joan and I were invited to minister to a united youth camp of 8 churches in Tucuman. February 1-3 we were ministering in a youth camp of a church in Buenos Aires, of Pastor Fischer. February 12-13 I traveled again to Tucuman to preach in a youth camp of Pastor Villagra.

Billy and Inés ministering at different Youth Camps

About our church "Christian Family Center": We have been pastors for 7 months at the Christian Family Center Church, which we began to oversee last August. It is a beautiful challenge that the Lord has given us and we are happy to see his support every week. We started with an attendance of about 25 people every Sunday, and last Sunday about 60 people attended!

We took advantage of the summer season to work on the building, preparing it for the beginning of Sunday School in April. Néstor restored 12 desks for the youth classroom. Ariel made an evangelistic banner to put outside the temple, taking advantage that our church faces a busy street. In February we donated around 20 bags of clothes in good condition to two orphanages and a poor church in Santiago del Estero. We put a cool cloth ceiling under the zinc roof to diminish the heat.

Summary of photos of the last months in aour Church

Every Sunday 2 members of the church go out to preach the gospel to the people who arewalking on the street and invite them to the meeting. In February we held the first meeting of church workers numbering about 20. That's wonderful considering that we started with 25 members in total! On February 9 and 16 we conducted a homiletics course with good attendance, for those who would like to learn how to prepare a sermon, and they are already preaching at the Wednesday meeting.

On March 9 we started the "Growth School" which consists of 3 levels of 18 classes each, with the goal of discipling the new believers, train workers and train leaders to send them to the ministry. See the Fanpage of the Church.

Several people have been added to the church in recent months: Oscar (45) who arrived on a Sunday after 3 days without eating anything. He received Christ and we helped him with some money and merchandise. Juana Quevedo (50), Emanuel and Ruth (30), Gabriel (29), Sebastián (29), Fernando (37), Roque (56), Adrián (47), Marcos (19), and the Díaz family: Jorge ( 47), Nina (50), Emily (19) and Francis (15). We thank God for his faithfulness in adding to the church those who are going to be saved.

We thank you for your prayers for us and for the church, so that God may save souls every week, heal the sick; for the beginning of the Sunday School, that the Lord may provide all the materials that we must buy and the adaptations that we have to make on the building to create classrooms for the different biblical classes. The rental of the premises is a challenge every month. We dream of some day owning our own building.


It is a joy for me (pastor David) to share God´s word in my church and in others too. Dec. 1 I shared on “Orientations for couples” at Rev. W. Paz´ church; on “God guides Joshua” at Rev. Landriel´s church Dec. 2; “Paralytic healed at pool of Betesda” at Sarmiento, Dec.9; “Teachings of St.Paul from prison” (see outline above) shared at Renewal church, Dec.13; the same theme at Belen church Dec.14, Mensaje de Paz church Dec.17, and Puerta Norte church Dec.21. I shared on “The food of faith” at John 3:16 church Dec.20, and the same topic at La Granja, Jan.7; “Angels who intervened at Jesus´birth” Dec.23 at my church; “God makes us fruitful trees” at Belen church Dec. 31. I helped Billy preaching twice at his church: “God guides Abram” Jan.10, and God guides Moses, Jan.14. “God guides Moses” at Colonia Tirolesa, Jan.14; “Lessons from animals that God created” at Renewal, Jan 28; the same theme at Mensaje de Paz Feb.2; and also at Rev. Lucio´s church Feb.18. “The importance of faith” at Rev. Tello´s church Jan.28.

At Rev. Corvalan´s church Feb.11 I spoke twice on: “The second coming of Christ and the Rapture” and at the evening service on “God rewards His children”; “Reconciliation” at Renewal church Feb.14; and “God rewards his children” at Puerta Norte church Feb.22, and the same topic at my church Feb 25. What a joy to sow God´s Word into the hearts of so many people! I also love to approach newcomers at our church and try to make them feel welcome and appreciated.

Could you please help us with your prayers and contributions for these projects?
All your kind donations are tax deductible; please send them to the order of “IGO”, P.O.Box 1008, Semmes, AL, 36575, Tel. 251 645 2117.

Thank you so much for your valuable prayers and support!

Your friends and partners in Argentina, David, Billy, Inés, Johann Saint.

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