Newsleter June - August 2018
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Dear prayer partners: It is always a joy to keep in touch with all of you, who assist us with your prayers and offerings. We can do so much more thanks to your help.

In recent months I have been sharing a new message: “A desperate man who learned the law of abundance” (Jacob and tithing) Promises: 3 Jn.2; Prov.3.9-10; Lk.6.38; Matt.6.33; Phil.4.19. Here in Argentina there are frequent crisis in the economy, inflation soars, and it´s normal to be concerned about providing for one´s needs.

Jacob with his mother´s approval had “bought” his brother Esau´s birthright, and later deceived his father into obtaining the blessing that was destined for his older brother. Esau was furious, and promised to kill Jacob, so Jacob had to flee from home to save his life; he had nothing but the clothes on his back. While travelling, he slept outdoors and in a dream saw a ladder connected to heaven and angels walking up and down the stairs, and heard God´s voice affirming His blessing in spite of his conniving ways. (Genesis 28.10-22).

Jacob was very frightened (I believe he repented of his deceptive ways) and made a pact with God: If God blessed him, he would give the Lord the tithes of all his earnings. The Creator accepted the deal and it is obvious from the Scriptures that Jacob fulfilled his promise and God did too. Since there was no Bible nor law at that time, it is clear that it was the Holy Spirit who inspired Jacob to make that pledge, plus the positive example of tithing of his grandfather Abram, and surely of his father Isaac too.


Some good news from Renewal church: each month we emphasize one important theme to help the members grow and mature: in June it was Honor and Loyalty; in July it was Service; and in August it was Hospitality. We received as new members Sabrina, 35, and Nadia, 33; also Mr. and Mrs. Zapata, and later two new ladies. Griselda, 70, testified that her grown son who lives in another town, received Christ , and his attending church; in August we held a banquet for couples and about 150 attended; approximately 20 were unsaved, who heard the Gospel for the first time. Mr. and Mrs. Lenoir from Alta Gracia ministered the Word.

Aug.5, just days before Congress had to vote on legalizing abortion, about 1,2 million Christians in Argentina marched all over the country defending the right of babies to live; finaly this wicked project of law failed to get the majority of votes. Praise the Lord!!!

Baquet for couples in Renewal church (left) - Christians marching against abortion (right)


May the Lord bless each one of you! Thank you for taking the time to read our Newsletter. When one serves God, life can be many things, except boring! In July, Ines and I turned 40! So we celebrated it with several couples that are friends of ours.

We thank God for giving us the strength to serve Him in His Kingdom with joy, even in the midst of trials, seeing how God gives growth in His grace and mercy. Although there are many things we do, our priorities are: 1) the Christian Family Center Church, which we are pastoring; 2) the Youth Ministry of the Assemblies of God in all Argentina; and 3) the Teaching of the Word in different Bible Institutes of our city. We thank the Lord for the opportunity to serve Jesus as a family!

Christian Family Center Church:
On June 16 we celebrated our second baptism; four people took this important step (5). On July 29, which is my birthday, we were anointed officially as pastors of the Christian Family Center Church, after one year of serving (1). In March we started a local Bible Institute in our church called "School of Spiritual and Ministerial Growth" (2), and in July we had our first 13 graduates! (3) After that we started the "School for Church Workers" (4), in order to train and send ministers according to the gift and call that the Lord has placed on each one. We also dedicated the whole month of August to Missions. During that time we had several missionaries speak at our church, and are committed to support several of them financially and in prayer. See the fanpage of CFC Church.

Youth Ministry: On June 23, I traveled to Mar del Plata to minister in a training day for youth leaders. From June 6 to 11, I traveled to Lima, Peru for the South American Youth Leaders Conference of the Assemblies of God (2). On July 19 to 21, I traveled to the city of Trenque Lauquen to minister at the "Millennialls" Youth Congress (4). On August 11 I traveled to the province of Chaco to minister in a training day for Youth Leaders of the North of Argentina (3). On August 19 and 20, Inés and I traveled to Calamuchita to minister at the Retreat for Youth Leaders of Córdoba (5). On September 15, I traveled to Mendoza to minister in a training day for youth leaders in western Argentina (1).

Bible Teaching: In March I dictated the subject "Educational Technology" in the Jeruel Bible Institute (3). During April and May I taught the subject "Evangelism" at Penuel Bible Institute in the city of Córdoba (2). In August, Ines and I dictated the subject "Christian Family" at the Mediterranean Biblical Institute (1); and September 21 to 23 I taught the subject "Leadership" in that same biblical institute of the Assemblies of God (4).


Concerning my own service for the Lord I (pastor David) am happy to report the joy experienced in ministering God´s Word in my church and in others as well. At Renewal church I shared on: “A desperate man discovers the law of abundance” (summary above); the same topic at Puerta Norte church; also at “Cuenta conmigo” church, Colonia Tirolesa church, at Mendiolaza, and the church at Jose Ignacio Diaz. At my church I spoke on “Two persons with a spirit of service”, July 11; “How to discern true and false ministers of the Gospel” July 22; “How to have a clean conscience” shared at Desarrollo church July 22.

At Rey de Reyes church i shared with a group of church workers on “4 areas of danger for the married minister” August 3; at my church on “Honoring God thru hospitality”, Aug. 8; “How to make God happy”, at Puerta Norte Aug.16; and “God guides His children in the book of Acts”. Aug. 26. July 21 I was privileged to take part in an interview on missions on our local church radio program, and shared missionary experiences of my uncle Nate, my aunt Rachel, and my parents.

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